Thursday, July 28, 2011

{someone to love & be loved}

Summertime. Doesn't it seem these days go faster than you'd like? While the days are laid back, I still have a continual mental checklist.
These days I'm adjusting to the unpredictable nature of a Little One, while the boys are thoroughly enjoying the free time that summer brings. Hot weather means cold espresso, so on those warm afternoons, I occasionally treat myself to my very own $5 cup of Starbucks brewed in house.  yumminess in a cup

  Of course I can always depend on someone sneaking into my lap for their share!! 
My children continually  remind me of the truth that there is always someone to love on. 
Our home is continually full of noise and the promise that there is always someone to play with, even if that does involve some petty disagreements. 

When I sit down to enjoy a coffee drink, I can depend on one of my guys wanting their share. I love it!
Sure there are times my introverted side longs for a bit of solitude, but some day I will go out for a $5 cup of coffee and remember my little ones wanting their share.

               I'll long for one more day of life with a full house. someone to love on and to be loved by. 

Sweet Pea is teething and wanting to be held a lot! I took advantage of the opportunity to capture some pictures with her. Don't pay attention to my 'stay at home' hair style. {smile, sigh}

         I'm abundantly blessed to be mom to this clan; it truly is the greatest blessing! Happy summer!


Christin Hale said...

I love it Elizabeth! They are so cute and she is getting so big! I miss you guys so much and hope that we can visit soon!!! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

I don't snap enough pictures lately, and certainly not enough of me WITH my kids- thanks for the reminder! And, thanks for your super-duper yummy better-than-Starbucks coffe the other day. Uh Maze Ing! :-)


Briana Pitt said...

ok, your "stay at home" hairstyle reminds me SO much of my own! and I love the camera set on automatic timer...great idea! also, thanks for the reminder of the gift it is to have someone to love and be loved by. it is a gift!