hello there ~ welcome to my little lovely space!
                 i'm elizabeth, wife to my best friend {and high school crush}and mom to six kiddo's

my days are filled with creating a nuturing home, home educating, and crafting in any given spare moment...

   i love to scour my local thrift shop, sip coffee on my front porch, and stay up late with my hubby.

          Ben and i have five boys...five loud, crazy boys and "no, we didn't keep trying for a girl"...

                               we did finally get a girl and she's our Little Sweet Pea


                                                   i'd have to say, i'm one lucky gal!

"grace upon grace" is where i journal my thoughts and ponderings, document my family's life and share in the things that interest me.

         i'm so glad you stopped by ~ you can get to know more about me here, here, and here ...

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