Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet Pea's room decor

this time last year our family found out we were having a girl! needless to say ~ it was definitely a monumental occasion. we took all five of the boys, and Wyatt was the first to respond with "that is SO sweet. i love girls!"

he truly loves his little sister! more than the others, he cannot keep from kissing or hugging her every time she passes by. it is so so sweet!!

today i want to share a few lovelies i've acquired for her room. enjoy!

this pretty SILVER garland

                                            this ADORABLE pixie hat...isn't it the cutest thing?!!

this print is so cute; lovely colors...definitely plan to get this.

                          i think i may have to get these to adorn the walls...they're so whimsical.

these sweet little wooden houses have sold, but i think my hubby could make them...

i bought this adorable muslin rabbit for SWEET PEA's 1st Christmas gift. you can find more here

i want to get this sweet bowl to set on Sweet Pea's dresser. a daily reminder of how much she is loved.

 be inspired. create what you love. make it meaningful and personal. have a beautiful weekend!

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