Wednesday, March 14, 2012


           spring is officially in the air! here in Nashville, we didn't really have a winter. 

                             60 / 70 degree weather has beckoned me outside. 

mommy hood has kept be from blogging.I don't have to be a good blogger. that's ok, you know what i am?

                                     a full time, always on call mommy to six little kiddos. 

                                                      a wife to a supportive, amazing guy!

                          i'm chef mom, breakfast for eight {currently w/ Sweet Pea clinging to my leg}

                                  i'm nursery mom, currently i have two little ones in diapers

                                                    {steal a moment to get dressed}

                                        I'm teacher mom, currently educating four boys

                       i'm best friend mom to Littlest Brother who always wants to play Duplo legos,

                                                       Mom is truly is the best name in the world!

                                                                 {bag found here}


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