Friday, April 27, 2012

{Don't believe the lie}

More days than I'd like, I find myself listening to a sneaky lie that sounds a bit like this...
"Your not patient enough, not kind enough, not encouraging enough."
 "You don't exercise enough, You don't cook well enough, You don't laugh enough, listen enough"... 

         Yes, reality may look messy, reality may be hard, some days are tough, some days I'm weary.

My kids get crazy; they run through the house; they jump on the couch; I yell just to be heard...
                                      Mothering can be exhausting; physically and mentally.

Living by faith isn't what my eyes see or how I feel.
 I don't want to waste my life striving to be good enough... I want to rest in the truth that in Him
                                  I am complete. nothing lacking. nothing incomplete.

   {Life is so much more than our daily circumstance and truth is not dependent on my actions.}


Patti - Audreyblissful Vintage said...

This is lovely. you are lovely.

hutch mom said...

thank you Patti ~ you are lovely too!