Monday, June 25, 2012

{parenting with freedom}

Boys! If you've got 'em, then you will know what this post is all about! actually, this post isn't gender specific.
I suppose it's just child specific.

Early in our parenting years, Ben and I, unknowingly parented quite rigid. We were determined to have perfect little miniature adults. You know, not the kids who cry in a restaurant...nope. not ours. 
                           not the kids who threw temper tantrums. nope, we'd put a stop to those.

                   not the kids who were sneaky. nope, they would willingly obey our every request.

                                              11 years and 5 boys later {and a little perfect sweet pea}...

We've thrown our perfectionist, unrealistic, controlling views to the wind. The Father has softened our hearts and opened our eyes to a spirit led "whatever you have for this child" plan. It's such freedom!

Children are individualistic and we desperately need to hear what the Father has for each of them, instead of suffocating them with our own self preserved image. Basking in the freedom of the Father has completely freed our hearts to bestow grace on others, especially our children.
When a certain little guy sneaks downstairs after he's already been tucked in bed; Ben and I can smile at each other, grab up our little stinker and smoother him in kisses, then send him back to bed.
If our firstborn would have ever thought to pull this trick, he would have been greeted with firmness, not grace. I'm certainly not condoning disobedience or disrespect. We've realized that they.are.children.
They will act like children. That includes childish behavior, which is not a reflection on us, as parents.

                           Harsh law without their heart at the center only breeds contempt. 


Anonymous said...

Just now reading this post... so amazing and so beautifully put. Thank you for the sweet reminder and being such an example of wonderful parenting!!!!!!!! suzy

Elizabeth Hutchison said...

thank you Suzy! parenting & walking in {truth} & {freedom} change everything don't they?!!