Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Best Friends}

Our little family has been abundantly blessed with "arrows" and i've truly loved being a mom to five guys. i've always been a "boy sort of mom",  i suppose. but the Father knew that in His perfect timing ~ a little Sweet Pea would melt all our hearts! 
                                                   she is our promise                                                                                                              
Sweet Pea is teething and a bit clingy these days, and I'm trying to remind myself to treasure these moments.
                                            I hold her close; I sit with her in my lap; We read.

Ii love seeing her grow, and I want to ALWAYS be close to her. I want her to know that I CHOOSE her.
I choose to spend time with her. When she's grown a bit, when life is hard, I want her to KNOW that I chose her.  I love you beyond words little Sweet Pea, you are my best friend!


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