Saturday, December 8, 2012


It's been a while since I've taken a moment to purposefully be still and slow down; reality has been remodeling the kitchen, school, soaking up every last minute of the beautiful sunny days.


Thanksgiving was wonderful! The boys and I gathered decorations for the table straight from the backyard...
{spear making may have been involved.}

We hosted our extended family, currently 20 members, for our annual Thanksgiving dinner the day after...
which included a cousin pulling his tooth via "tie a string to it and slam the door". I'm so very thankful for the friendship and love of family.
Now that we're already a week into December, I'm trying to live purposeful with our focus on Advent. In Him is the stillness my soul longs for.               


nami said...

Great pictures! When I was a kid, my older brother took out one of my teeth with a string. I was so mad at him, but now it's one of the funniest memories. I love your decorations for Thanksgiving, so fresh!! And also, love the printable!!! So true!!! Good luck with remodeling your kitchen!


sunshine, lollipops and... said...

i love your heart <3

hutch mom said...

Thank you both!!
Aren't those printables great?!!