Monday, February 11, 2013

laughing out loud

               You know those days when you hear that voice in your head say "this is the worst day."
                                      maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed
                          maybe your loving kiddos are fighting like cats and dogs ... all day
       maybe your angels aren't displaying the fruits of the Spirit that you tirelessly teach them

                              you whisper "let this day be over; tomorrow will be a fresh start"
               and it is. Life is better . The sun shines again. Your kiddos are best friends again.

          but sometimes you have those days, those crazy days when nothing goes as planned.
       you get the herd bundled up, out the door. then halfway to your destination, and you hear

                                              "mom, i feel like i'm going to throw up"
       car sickness is funny like that ~ it only strikes when you actually need to go somewhere.

            You try your methods "nibble on a snack honey, try not to look out your side window" ...
     you think you're in the clear; then out of the blue, Sweet Pea's breakfast emerges all over herself!

                                                                        {deep sigh.}


Sweet Pea begins crying because her favorite blanket, which was caught in the crossfire becomes the catch all for her ruined clothes
                                                there are absolutely no trash bags in the car,

                                  the only change of clothes you have on hand belong to her brother.

 oh, and  remember the kiddo previously complaining about being car sick?
yeah, he's about to loose his breakfast at the smell of it all, along with oldest brother who's been fighting a headache all morning.

I open the windows, begin the clean up process, and Little Brother begins crying when he hears that now we have to go back home .
 he was SO looking forward to this week because it's been a month since he's been to Bible study, he misses his teachers, and he made cards for them which must be delivered and he must not miss another week. 
{deep sigh + prayer.}

   Little Brother agrees to only go to class for 45 minutes, drop him & older brothers off in their class,
                and i commence cleaning car seat while Sweet Pea plays happily in the front seat.
bath when we get home ... one of those days when all goes awry; all i can do is laugh out loud.
{p.s. Sweet Pea is completely healthy. don't know why she threw up; must have been car sick too.}


Shyla said...

Elizabeth!! I am SO sorry, and I totally know how you feel. WHY didn't you text me?? I would have been happy to come out and keep you company and help you clean stuff up...

On a side note, Haven used to get car sick several times a month. Sometimes several times a week. I learned to keep extra clothes obviously, but we had a couple of glad containers with lids so when he said he felt sick we could just hand it to him and then put the lid on when the business was over with. I don't know if it happens to your kids often, but that's what helped us.

And next time...text me!

hutch mom said...

Shyla, you're the BEST! thanks for the advice...we haven't dealt w. this before, so it's completely new.
I was so unprepared!!
Live & learn, right?!