Friday, July 12, 2013

{summer reading} Kindergarten books

As a "reading family", I deeply value excellent, inspirational literature.
While we read all throughout the year, lazy summer days are great for settling into a quiet spot with a good book. Here are Sweet Pea's current favorites we're reading this summer:

Animals Animals, The Year at Maple Hill Farm, A House for Hermit Crab, Barn Dance, Roxaboxen,
Night of the Moonjellies, Ox Cart Man, Miss Rumphius, The Important Book, Time of Wonder,
The Storm Book, Hailstones and Hallibut Bones, The Quilt Story, and Charlie Needs A Cloak

All of these books are part of our home library. While some families tend to frequent their local library, I value investing in books for the long term. {maybe it's because I have so many children...who knows?!}

Now I realize this isn't a large list of books. At this age, I prefer to take multiple days discussing the concepts found in these books, rather than feel the false accomplishment of a stack of "twaddle books" checked off a list. 

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