Monday, January 27, 2014

sunshine and truth {a reminder for my soul}

                             it's been way too cold for me these past few weeks. way to cold!

                         not warm enough for this "flip flop wearing all year around Southern gal".

            this weekend we actually made it to the 50's. I grabbed a few photos of Sweet Pea in the sunshine.

                             i think she definitely takes after me. sunshine + outdoors = happiness



    When the chill of winter seems to be residing in my soul; the sunshine reminds me that life truly is there too.

                                        I love the reminder of the Father's promises found in nature.

    Just like the grass in the photo appears dead and unsightly; it is full of life, waiting to spring up, in time.

    Though I may not prefer the season I'm in ~ walking in life with Him is exactly where I want to be.

                 Sweet Pea : floral vest {Target} hat {Etsy : Effy Bags Littlest Brother: Mini Boden


Natalie said...

Your comment about the grass waiting to spring up in time reminds me of the movie "Faith Like Potatoes". Sometimes in life it seems like we're stuck. Like God has forgotten about us. Yet it's through those times that some of God's best work in us is being done. And when He's ready for us to spring up, it's quicker, and bigger and better that we could ever imagine.

I try to remind myself to enjoy every season I'm in, and when I'm walking through the valleys, His grace is sometimes the only thing that gets me through. The refining process is tough, but like you said - walking in life with Him is exactly where I want to be too!

Elizabeth Hutchison said...

beautifully, beautifully said Natalie!!