Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas DIY {winter scene jars + lavender face balm}

Today i'm posting two easy D.I.Y. inspirations for your Christmas season. One for your lovely home. One to give away. win win! The kids and I did these both for Advent activities and they were lots of fun! enjoy!

                                                                First up ~ winter scene jars 

supplies: jars {any size / shape... the larger one is from Target, the smaller ones were pickle jars}
              adorable winter figurines {Michael's}
              felt snow {craft store}

assemble: Layer the felt snow on the bottom, then add your cute figurines.{optional : spray paint the lids}

                                                         next ~ lavender coconut face / hand balm

supplies: coconut oil
              therapeutic grade lavender oil {i use Young Living}
              jar with lid {i use baby food jars}

assemble: 4 cups coconut oil {needs to be liquefied... I warmed mine in a glass pyrex on our espresso machine, but you could let it sit for a few hours. I don't recommend microwaving}
               add about 20 drops of lavender oil and stir.
               fill your jars about 3/4 full and let sit until the oil solidifies; then cover.
{optional : spray paint the lids, add jute with knit doilies, and label}
               makes 10-12 jars

This balm is terrific! our entire family uses it on our extremely dry hands and I use it on my face as well.
They make great teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, or party favor gifts. It's completely natural and smells heavenly!

                                                          blessings upon blessings!

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