Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Morning Time {the Details and Benefits}

Life building and relationship with my children is truly is the heart behind why I feel led to home school, and I've only got a limited time with my children to invest in these beautiful, life giving moments.
{Yes, their education is of utmost importance, but quite honestly, outstanding academic excellence is not at the heart of this choice; though it is an excellent benefit!}

In regards to the time commitment our family spends doing Morning Time, we spend an hour - two hours, each day covering four subjects.

While you might wonder if Morning Time adds to our already full schedule, it actually makes good sense given our large family logistics. Rather than each child memorizing Scripture, poetry or Greek roots independently, we incorporate those into our Morning Time routine.

This year, I've got a K, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th grader included in Morning Time.
 Our routine, spoken loosely, consists of Independent study, followed by Morning Time, then Mom time.

Independent Study begins after breakfast, when the middle three children work independently.
 {usually handwriting, math or geography}
 I alternate teaching phonics and reading with my K and 2nd grader during this time.

"Morning Time" actually begins around noon, when I'll turn on our music CD, while lunches are made.
One by one, we all make our way to the living room, settling on couches, surrounding our coffee table.
We begin our rotation depending on which day of the week it is:

{Mon thru Thurs}Literature and Greek
 {Mon and Wed}Music and History
 {Tues and Thurs}Art History and Science
This fall I plan to add Scripture memorization, and Habit training...more on that to come..

"Mom time" is in the afternoon when I rotate History, Language Arts, and Science with each child.

If our day takes a detour and Independent Study ends with tears, Morning Time tremendously changes the tone of our craziness.

If History or Science is delayed until evening, I'm okay with the ebb and tide of our schedule, which included time spent nurturing the hearts and souls of my children.

Yes, even if those dreaded Language Arts completely get put off for the day;
we can always pick right up where we were last time.{wink}

If History, Science and Language Arts don't happen because Morning Time found us outside, basking in the beauty of the afternoon, I can rest knowing that we've covered the important things,
focusing on the beautiful, and the lovely. Nurturing the heart and soul of my children.


PS.  Just an encouragement, there is {absolutely} not a single ounce of condemnation for those not doing Morning Time! I firmly believe life giving happens in many, many ways! 
I'm in no way preaching a method; just sharing how the Father is unloading life to us in this way. 
Next year could look completely different. We simply are walking where He leads
That's where life is found!!


The Robbins & Co said...

Thank you for the practical picture of your days at home!! This is an encouragement to me as I start to see my family growing in their needs. My plate feels so full, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed, but homeschooling my children has taught me to live in the present and give them what they need each day (very much like how the Father gives us our daily bread :). Such a beautiful way to live.

Elizabeth Hutchison said...

You're doing amazing mama! Our plate is full, but the truth is that HE provides EVERY SINGLE OUNCE, nothing lacking, ABUNDANTLY more than we could ask!
Yes, we struggle through some days; we let our emotions rule at times,
We don't {{feel}} good enough, kind enough, patient enough, etc...
BUT the truth isn't truth based on our actions!
In Him, with Him, Abiding in Him, we get to love on these precious souls! Each day is truly an enormous gift!