Thursday, July 2, 2009

creating home {a peek}

Currently, our little growing family lives in a basic builder style home close to Nashville.

This house is a stark contrast to our first home, which was a 1920's farmhouse set on three acres.

While that home truly will always have a piece of our heart, Ben and I quickly realized between work and beginning our family, we wouldn't have the time needed to invest in our dream renovation.

Even though a builder style home lacks the character of an older home, we're trying to personalize it with meaningful style. 

Fortunately for me, Ben is an amazingly talented guy, and for Christmas, he surprised me with this beautiful handmade bed, which I absolutely love!

It has a gorgeous distressed ebony stain, thick molding and recessed lighting on the underside of the shelf.
 {I've already filled my side with a stack of books}  

But no matter where we go, or the furniture we fill our homes with, home is made with the people within.

I'm abundantly thankful for this crew the Father's blessed me with! 


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Seed to Sow said...

I can't wait to see your whole house!! These pictures are SO inspiring.. gorgeous bed!!!!!!