Thursday, July 9, 2009

concrete counter tops {inside our home}

As I mentioned in my last post, our family lives in a builder style home, which means we have a basic kitchen.

While our home truly is completely functional, it lacks the style that Ben and I long for our home to have.

For the past year or so, Ben has been designing a plan to remodel the kitchen, which often can be a huge financial investment! Thankfully, I'm blessed to be married to a sub contractor!

In addition to a farm sink, one of the things I've been longing for were concrete counter tops.

Ben spent a bit of time researching techniques, sealing options, etc... and the turn out is amazing! 

I mean, "WOW!!" 

They are absolutely gorgeous!

Every day when I walk into this beautiful kitchen, I am not only reminded of how incredibly talented my
Hubby is, but the great investment and love he literally poured into creating a home for our family!

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Seed to Sow said...

Oh my gosh AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I really think we're gonna go for it.. thanks for the inspiration!!!