Tuesday, September 1, 2009


While I don't have any pictures today, I do have some randomness.

                           Fourteen random things about me; If your interested, read on


....i love to create.  Whether its sewing, painting, or making a home.

....i am the shortest person in my family, standing tall at a whopping 5'3"

    my dad and brothers are all 6ft and taller. my mom and sister are both 5'8".
....i am generally cold by nature, but i can't sleep unless the thermostat is at 69 degrees and

was married barefoot and i love to wear flop flips, even in the winter, as long as it's 45  degrees or above.

....i was in a fatal car accident my senior year of high school. I broke my jaw and collarbone, but the Father abundantly protected me.

....i was a cheerleader in high school...hmm..extrovert then. introvert now.


....my dream home is to live in a refurbished old building with concrete floors, exposed duct work, and huge eye beams. i would fill my home with white slip covered furniture, yummy rugs, vintage industrial signs, pictures of my beautiful family, my childrens artwork, and of course, my hubby's beautiful creations!

....oh, and an indoor swimming pool, and a Pilate's studio. and my husband would have to have a recording studio to play around in.

 ....i love landscaped yards, but i am not a green thumb.

.... thrift shopping and antique shopping are my love language

....i failed my college math class because i wanted to learn to play the guitar; thanks Curtis!

i have only seen three shooting stars in my lifetime. The first one was one night while I prayed for a sign of who my future husband would be. 

...i just celebrated ten wonderful years of marriage!


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