Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{kindergarten curriculum}

I'm hesitant to post specifics on our home school curriculum for numerous reasons, however, my hope is that if one person is encouraged by what they read or see here, then this will be worth me second guessing this post.
If my current "ten years under my belt home school mom" could go back and give one piece of advice to my "beginning first time curriculum questioning home school mom", it would be to first talk to the Father!

Ask Him to reveal all those answers to all those questions and doubts in your little head.
Ask Him if you can do this. Ask Him where to begin.

Ask Him to lead you!

Then, read aloud; a lot!

Guess How Much I love You
Blueberries for Sal
The Mitten
Hailstones and Halibut Bones
The Year on Maple Hill Farm

 Read. Read. then Read some more.

Choose excellent "living" literature books and enjoy the fruit that comes from nurturing the relationship with your child. Snuggle close and read. Ask your child questions about what you've read. Listen to their reply.

I personally have tried the beloved curriculum's that often left me feeling stressed, planning coordinating activities with each book, etc...

I've finally settled into the restful art of just reading great books!

At the center of our days enjoyment is Morning Time;  you can read all about how our family incorporates this lovely, restful learning here.

MY FATHER'S WORLD, this is our core kindergarten thematic curriculum that I've used for years.
It incorporates science nature, art, phonics / hand writing, and a gentle introduction to reading with a Biblical view point.

{for example: during unit one, the theme is "Jesus is the Light of the World". 
Science / nature would include reading books about the sun and experimenting making raisins.
Using a globe and a flashlight, demonstrate day and night by the earths rotation. 
Read about the days of creation from the Bible. 
Art would include painting a yellow sun w/ alternating colors to reinforce the concept of patterns ; read the poem "My Shadow" as you discuss how the sun can be used to tell time.}
You can find out more about their curriculum here

 My Fathers World doesn't require an additional math, but I've used Horizon's with good success.

I personally have chosen, through trial and error, to utilize only a few structured type learning workbooks.
Rod and Staff and AlphaPhonics are enrichment activity books that I've found beneficial, yet not cumbersome.


My desire for any new mom embarking on this home school journey, is to give yourself tons of grace.
Every. single. day! 

The Father is faithful. He will lead you in the path of peace and abundance.


Patti S. said...

hey. thanks for posting this. its all so new to me and i like getting ideas from friends who have been at it a while :)

hutch mom said...

are you home schooling Audrey?!