Monday, May 30, 2011

{anticipating summer} life lately in photo's

This week has been laid back; Ben has lingered a bit longer in the mornings.
Our routine has been flexible to accommodate enjoying the sunshine.

Afternoons have been full of building/painting models, a dozen rounds of Twister, and lots of reading. 

And of course, everyone is loving on Sweet Pea! We're all anticipating the laid back days of summer!

At times it's easy for me to forget that this daily life, the routine, the ordinary, really is extraordinary

I'm immeasurably blessed to be surrounded by six beautiful souls who look to me for nurture, for guidance,
for encouragement, and love. Not just another meal, or educating their minds.

     Getting to "do life" with these people who I love most, is the best gift in this world!

Family is an extraordinary gift! 


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Anonymous said...

Hi neighbor from across the tracks, Just wanted to say that I enjoy following your blog, only I wish I were more laid back like you in my everyday life ;). Love your summer schooling! Kim Bassett