Friday, September 14, 2012

{what i love about home schooling}

This is a follow up to my "why we homeschool", found here. There are numerous reasons that I love home educating my children. First and foremost, I have a deep desire to educate my children. I can't say that I've always planned to educate our children, but the Father planted the seed  and has been growning this desire with each passing year. I've loved each and every year!
Currently my kids don't speak a second language, they aren't Albert Einstein, but I'm passionate about educating them and we have fun together. Sure some days are hard, but my children are the best of friends.
They know Ben and I love them with every ounce of our being.

{freedom and flexibility}I love these two aspects of home them! If we want to spend the day at a nearby apple orchard, or making Egyptian hieroglyphics, baking muffins or playing in the rain. It all is a living, learning experience.  When family come into town, we can spend the day with them or visit with friends we love and are encouraged by. I wouldn't trade it!

{i love being with my kids}I thoroughly enjoy my children! I like them home; I honestly wouldn't know what to do all week alone.We have such a good time together, in spite of a crazy day every now and then!
I treasure each day with them! Especially while my little ones are so small, I know the day will come when they leave home; until then, I'm soaking up every single day.

 {sheltered} Let's be honest for a minute; every parent does this to some degree, home schooled or not. I'm glad that my kids have avoided certain things because we choose to educate in our home. I'm glad that Ben and I are the "peers" who get to educate our children about life issues...we consider it our responsibility and privilege. I'm glad my children have avoided certain things / behaviors;  I consider it one of the perks of homeschooling.

{love of learning} I want to ignite a passion in my children for learning; I want them to seek to know the truth. I want to teach to their passion and encourage them in areas where they feel they're "weak".  I want school to be something that is fun, something they look forward to. I want them to "learn" for the rest of their lives.

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