Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{why we homeschool}

                                                             "why we homeschool?"  
This question can have many answers, including, "I feel that my children get a better education, i feel that parents can best train up their children in good character and morality". both are excellent answers...

I personally agree with these answers, but view them as benefits. The reason we home school is quite simply because the Father told us to. Each year we listen to the voice of the Father to show us the path for each of our children; so far He keeps saying "YOU". so we're just simply obeying.

                                                            that is why we home school.

Personally, I feel that as a parent, I can teach to my children's individual strengths as well as areas they need encouragement. I feel that parents can best train up their children in the ways of the Father. I feel that my children are experiencing being a part of a family unit {since we are together all day}

Ii don't feel that home schooling is "the only way". I don't feel that children who attend a traditional school miss out on the above benefits. I don't pass judgment on public or private schools; I myself graduated from private school and my husband went to public school.

this is an excellent post titled "Is there an ideal homeschooling parent?" by Ruth of Gracelaced.  There are many, many encouraging articles on homeschooling if you're considering this option. There are many positives to homeschooling and many areas that I'd call "struggles" to homeschooling. But the simple answer to the question "why WE homeschool" is just a matter of hearing what the Father tells us and then a matter of obedience. To me, it's rather simple.

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Briana said...

Elizabeth! Thank you for posting this. We are quite a ways away from "the school age", but homeschooling has been on my mind lately. I thought I'd never do it and still don't know if I will, but I'm at least interested and it's great to hear your reasoning. Thanks for sharing!