Monday, March 18, 2013

D.I.Y. {colorful arrows}

                        I haven't posted a D.I.Y. in a while; so here's a fun one for your weekend.
I spotted these arrows a while back over at Heather's blog, lifemadelovely.
 Carly made the above arrows for her sons room, found here
I thought these would be great for my "bigger" guys room.
I made mine up this week, while my kiddos had a spring break of sorts. I do want to make more, but I only accomplished this single one. It's not complicated, just takes a bit of time...

                                materials: dowel rod, embroidery thread, felt, and hot glue

assemble: wrap embroidery thread around the dowel, hot glueing as needed, then hot glue the arrow pieces.

                                                   Hang in a colorful, happy place and enjoy!

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