Wednesday, March 13, 2013

our Little One

wow! February is gone. whoosh! I suppose it is the shortest month of the year, yes? 
I've been away from my computer; I've been quiet, contemplative.
February was an emotional month.

I sat at a friends baby shower, anticipating the exciting arrival of a new little one. 
At the same shower, I listened, as a friend with tears in her eyes, mourns the deep loss of her father. 
I hug the neck of another lovely friend who is gravely concerned for her daughter's uncertain health.
 Tears fall as I write a note of encouragement to a dear friend whose just experienced a miscarriage. 
The deep, deep pain of familiarity wrenches my heart for I too walked through loss three years ago.

                                                             The loss of our sweet baby.

Since that painful day three years ago, February has been an emotional month. 
Remembering the raw pain, feeling as though I could barely breathe. 
The hope of seeing our little one's beautiful face, gone in an instant .
Never ending tears, crying out, "I can not walk through this."  
The gentle whisper of my Shepherd, "you don't have to; i will carry you". 
I remember the numb moments; feeling life around me just stop; thinking I was beginning to heal, then welling into tears of pain over and over.

Three years have passed. Our Little One dances in Heaven . I cling to the truth I held onto during that time.

                                     " oh, how He LOVES us...oh, how He LOVES us ..."

He is good. He heals our brokenness. He carries us. He restores our Hope. He brings LIFE. He is always GOOD. {if you haven't heard this beautiful song, you can find my favorite version on itunes here }


Uttz Family said...

Thinking of you and your "sweet baby". Loss of little ones we don't get to spend this side of Earth is hard. But as you said, they are dancing in heaven and we'll join them again one day. So thankful this earth wasn't the end of our time with them.
Hugs, Mariah

hutch mom said...

thank you for your sweet words Mariah ~