Thursday, June 6, 2013

{cherishing the days}

These late days of spring, the daily rhythms begin to slide into less of a schedule and my heart treasures soaking up sweet moments with my littlest two, who are growing up faster than my mixed emotions want.

We celebrated my birthday, which of course, meant a meaningful hand made gift from Ben.
 Two weeks later, we celebrated our 15th anniversary with a full day away, complete with a zip line tour!!

Two weeks later, was Mother's Day, full of love notes, iced coffee, ninja's and lovely vintage doilies.
         and two weeks after, we celebrated our "middle" son growing a year older, complete with two lego cakes, crumbly frosting. sigh...and loosing his two front teeth.
             Finally, {two green + olive trees } went to my first ever Summer fun. fun!

Some days you push against the unforced rhythm of life; life feels hectic and overscheduled.
Other days, or months, you cherish them as the gift they truly are. I'm appreciating the little things today.


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