Tuesday, June 11, 2013

our {family} field day

As a child, I loved field day at school! If I had to think of why, I can only guess that subconsciously,
field day officially marked the end of the school year = beginning of summer!!

Fast forward a few decades, as a home schooling family, the official beginning of summer vacation often gets blurred among the elusive last  remaining workbook pages.
This year I really wanted to mark a definitive "end of the school year".

So, we officially celebrated our family's first annual field day! While I had to push aside all the crafty, D.I.Y. ideas that naturally sprang to mind, my sincere desire was to simply create a memorable experience with the ones I love most.

Our day was a complete blast!!
Wheelbarrow races, three legged race, archery, javelin throwing, discus throwing, potato sack race, complete with a balloon toss which ended up as an all out water fight!


                                                                  WELCOME SUMMER!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like soooo much fun (regardless of decorations, or the lack thereof)!!!!! Good job, mama! Love, Carol

hutch mom said...

thank you SO much Carol ~ we truly had a great time!!