Thursday, August 15, 2013

{a thrifty friend}

      A month or so back, I participated in this thrifty exchange that I was hesitantly excited to be a part of!
Does that even exist? 
My best explanation is, while excited, I apprehensively was nervous to, ahem, hopefully measure up. sigh
Carina, the lovely hostess, matched me up with my thrifty partner, Angie, owner of the lovely shop,

      I love this necklace! 

While I love to thrift shop for myself, being a part of a thrifty gift exchange, was even better!!

I find that I constantly remind my children "it's better to give than to receive";
 I'm thrilled that this gift exchange let me experience that truth alongside them.                          

I had such a great time searching for something perfect for Angie and ended up scoring two beautiful milk vases, which she collects. yay!!


   A week later, I received a perfect little box of happiness! Aren't these beautiful!?!
You'd think Angie knew me from childhood; they're perfectly me!

A lovely little vintage half apron, complete with eyelet lace detailing and a set of aqua flower stoneware.

It's like Christmas in July! A million "thank you's" Angie; I love it!

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