Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year & "Best of my Day's" DIY link up

This year I didn't get around to Christmas cards, again. To those special friends who sent me cards,
 I truly loved receiving yours.
This season of life I'm learning that the plans I make, just don't always go the way I want.
 I'm growing through the painstaking process of prioritizing

It's 2014. A new year and there's so very much on my heart.

the abundant life I'm so blessed to live; beautiful friends who inspire me; crafty D.I.Y.
homeschooling six kiddos, one who is on the cuff on being a teenager!

For now, I'll link you over to Ashley's blog, {Under the Sycamore}
Over the Christmas holiday, I made each of my boys one of these "Best of my Days" notepads.
{photo via Ashley}

I originally planned to give these to the boys in their stockings, but I'm so glad life delayed it until today.

While I'm not a "New Year's resolutions" type, I love establishing new traditions,
meaningful traditions.

I know that through recording their joys, each of my boys will grow in the awareness of how abundantly blessed they truly are.

Blessings to you this new day and this new year!!

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