Tuesday, January 7, 2014

perpetual Thankful calendar {DIY}

                                        this year i've begun a new habit; a daily thankful calendar. 
       i'm sure you've seen many varieties over the websphere, so this idea is nothing new ~ just my version.

i've had this project on my "to do" list for some time, but starting in the middle of the year was unmotivating.
                                  thanks to Christmas break, i've got my calendar started!

                                                  here's a peek and {very simple} how to:

my husband built this little box in shop class from high school, and i never found the perfect use for it, till now. I downloaded the front page "Count your Blessings" {here}trimmed it and then cut graph paper just a bit smaller. inserted monthly dividers, then wrote the date on the top of each page.

i believe every day holds a reason to be thankful ."may we all have eyes to see the beauty in every day"

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