Friday, January 3, 2014

Sweet Pea {a girl Gift Guide}

             Having a little girl after 10 years of life with five boys is truly more than I can put into words!

      I've always considered myself a sort of boy mom, and inside, I would truly get hurt by those quick
                                                  to spout off statements like,
         "You must have been trying for a girl" or "keep trying, maybe you'll get a girl soon!"

                I've loved having five boys and I love that we've been blessed with one girl after them!

  Christmas and birthday's recently have been predictable with our five guys; Lego's and musical instruments.

Sweet Pea's shopping this year was such fun; here's a sneak at some of the fun girl things now in my home!

                                                   {custom made doll : Roving Ovine}

                                                         {wooden camera : Twig Creative}

                                           {pink / red retro RadioFlyer scooter : Amazon}

                                                                         {new pj's}

                                                         {vintage deer set via etsy}

                         {{yay for sweet girly things and a Sweet Pea who's changed my world!}}


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