Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"how do you do it all?!" part 2 {truth}

                                         "Truly my soul finds rest in God alone." ~ Psalm 62:1       
                       "You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." ~ John 8:32  

Knowing the truth, {{truly knowing the truth...in my heart AND mind}} about how the Father sees me
 has been the single factor in my, as well as my husband's, lifestyle of rest and completeness.

You may wonder, "How does understanding the Father's love have anything to do with parenting?"

                                             It has absolutely everything. to. do. with. it!!

Knowing who I am and how He sees me, affects how I walk, how I talk, how I act. 
Every action comes from the well spring of truth within my heart!  
Either I live out my days based on the enemy's lie or the Father's truth.
Walking in truth brings freedom, and freedom spills over into my entire life, including parenting.
                                              So how do I know the truth? Simply by listening!
            I listen to His voice of Truth, His Spirit which bears witness to the Truth... the Truth that
                                 "I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus." ~ 2 Cor. 5:21
"I am qualified. worthy. righteous. whole. complete. lacking nothing. full of love and patience. gentle. beautiful. encouraging. creative...etc...Because of what Jesus did"  
 Not an ounce of my self...but completely because of His complete, finished work;

When I begin to doubt, or fear creeps in; when I begin to look to my self or my efforts,
His voice of truth reminds me,
 "It's all because of Jesus.  He has made me the beautiful, beautiful righteousness!"
As I sit and listen to Him tell me who I am, my soul is full of life. abundant, overflowing life!
                                         {{ right believing = produces right living.}}

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