Monday, June 23, 2014

"how do you do it all?" part 1 {abide}

A while back, a sweet friend who just had her second son, asked me the question, "how do you do it all?!
I feel like there's not enough of me to give to both of my children; how do you do it with six?"

Looking back on the thirteen years of parenting that I've had, a lot has been a huge learning experience! I certainly didn't feel the least bit qualified to give her an ounce of parenting advice. My reply was simply,
                                                            "only with Him."  

                 "I simply cannot do it on my own. I am nothing. I am totally dependent on Him to do it"
                             "I wasn't enough for one child; I'm not enough for six. but Him!"
         "He is faithful. He's given me these children and with Him, through Him I am able.
                            on my own, in my own strength, I fall. I fail miserably. daily."

There are days that I fall short connecting on a deep level with my kids. There are days that I'm impatient. There are days that I'm self focused and not a loving friend to my husband. There are days that I'm sidetracked by things of this world, that shouldn't come before my family.

My hearts desire is to soak in each and every moment. to love abundantly. to love purposefully. 
                                     but nothing in my own strength can make that happen!!

While that may sound a bit depressing, knowing {deep}in my hearts core that the Father is the only One who can and will accomplish all my hearts desire is completely and overwhelmingly liberating!!

{not only will He accomplish my hearts desire; He has plans {{abundantly}} more than I even desire!}

                           To think that I can "do it" {whatever it is} is a complete lie!!
          sure i can certainly try on my own strength, and even produce limited, momentary results
              I can {let Him} work. He, who has the ability to change hearts and give true change.    

continually, moment by moment, day in and day out listening to Him, resting in His love and goodness
                                              "is the only way I can do it".

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