Monday, June 9, 2014

summer un-schooling

It's summer; oh how I love the summer! It's the season when it's fashionably acceptable to live in flip flops.
 Every morning greets me with chilled espresso, sun kissed faces and laid back summer days.
Summer days beckon dad to linger a bit longer at the table after breakfast.        

                                 The bugs are no fun and neither is the southern humidity...but
  my children love being outdoors, no matter the season; from playing in the leaves to mud puddle jumping.

Throughout the school year, I've found that when we head outdoors with blankets, books and journals,
  life just gets a bit more enjoyable!

The never ending to do list, the frustration with the sticky who knows what on the table, thoughts of minecraft, petty bickerings... just seem to fade away!
Being in nature, in the beauty of creation,  children, and adults relax; and enjoy themselves.

Summer is full of days spent outdoors, living and exploring naturally, and lots of reading.
Occasionally, we get an awesome good ol fashioned summer day, which you can read all about here
 I'm perfectly content!

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