Thursday, June 12, 2014

treasuring the days

all the boys are involved this week at VBS, meaning Sweet Pea and i are spending time just the two of us.

she holds my hand and we stroll along, i look at her and truly can not believe how fast time has passed.

                      i'm continually thankful the Father blessed my life with a daughter.

                                                              my life has forever changed.




she is gentle and fierce. sensitive and silly.

when i lay beside her at night, after many books have been read...she snuggles close and whispers

                                                         "your my best friend. "

                       my heart soars.   we share a special bond, unique to the two of us.

              i've changed so much through the years, but nothing like the past three years.

my relationship with Father has grown as i'm catching glimpses of His completely overwhelming favor.

                 my mothering heart has softened more than i thought imaginable.  i'm treasuring the days.

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