Saturday, February 27, 2016

{homeschool foundations} character training

"The first task of education is a moral one" ~ Charlotte Mason


Choosing to educate our children at home involves a great deal of character training.
 It seems like the majority of life is character training, which often times looks like an interruption. 
ie: Little Sister draws on older brother's book, one brother accidentally breaks another brothers lego,
teen Brother can't concentrate on math because three other siblings are playing loudly, etc, etc, etc. 
Interruptions are a never ceasing, every day part of life.


Handling these interruptions with grace is an area where I daily need wisdom and patience. 
Character training truly is a day by day, hour by hour endless education.
Years into this homeschoool journey, the Father gently reveals; "this is the heartbeat of home education."

There is truly such overwhelming beauty in spending the days together as a family. This beauty is completely intertwined with interruptions, irritations and beautiful opportunities to teach our children's hearts;
not just minds.

A decade into this journey, if I could go back and tell the homeschooling mom I was then, it would be: "prioritize training their hearts, instilling character, and habits before even thinking about academics."


One of my yearly read's is, "For the Children's Sake" by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.
This book encourages my heart, and fans the flame of whole heart education. 
Her educational methods have transformed my outlook of this sacred gift of motherhood and educator.
 I highly encourage every homeschooling mom to read it!

Grace and Peace to you!


Monarch Room said...

I absolutely love For the Children's Sake! It's such a beautiful book. I try to read it every now and again too. Thanks for the reminder! Susan Schaefer Macaulay is such a wise woman. My son is reading one of her books for Bible study next year :)

Elizabeth Hutchison said...

Thanks friend! I'm about to order a handful of SCM materials, which book is your son reading?!