Friday, February 19, 2016

D.I.Y. birthday photo display

Sweet Pea just celebrated her fifth birthday and I can hardly believe it! We've completely cherished every moment of her life! She has brought immense joy and beauty to our hearts and home!
 In our home, we celebrate birthday's based on each child's interests; I also keep the decorations simple. Here's a peek at my current photo display's which I rotate out for each child's special day.

This horizontal piece of chicken wire hangs in our living room, displaying family photo's throughout the year.
Each birthday we customize it; add pom garland and twine across the top. simple. lovely. and personal. 

I also strung a piece of jute across our fireplace mantle, attaching photo's to paper doilies with clothespins.

 Happy Birthday my Sweet Pea! You are SO incredibly loved!

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