Thursday, July 28, 2016

the Gift of Children

I am absolutely, abundantly in love with this lovely little family of mine!
Having a large family is truly a fulfillment of one of my heart's desires, one that I didn't even realize I had until I was blessed with this priceless gift.

This past week, our oldest two boys were away at youth camp.
 This is the second time they've been away in two months, and boy, I've missed them more than imaginable!

Yes, my home was still full of laughter and noise; yes I still have four other children keeping me busy...

But when the house gets quiet, and I walk by their bedroom door each night,
I don't hear their loud music, their voices, their laughter over teenage antics.

While my boys have been away, I find myself reflecting on the fullness, the completeness each child brings;
The children who make our house a home.

  Daily, I'm amazed at the individuality of each child and how one can be so entirely different than their siblings within the same family.
One is quiet and contemplative, serious and task oriented;
One is constantly talking, sharing what's on his mind;
One is silly, trying to make everyone laugh.

Within a family you're accepted regardless of the personality differences you share.
The passions you have, the irritations.
We daily get to live the lovely and the hard, messy frustrations together, confident that love covers it all.

Getting to live this life with each of them, each of their personality types, each of their strengths,
each of their hindrances, is truly a gift! An indescribable gift.

I treasure each and every single day I wake to live this life with my family.

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