Wednesday, July 27, 2016

{fabric wrapped hangers} D.I.Y.

September barn sales are right around the corner, and I'm gearing up for my semi-annual events at
The Strawberry Patch and The Hayloft.
I'm routinely asked about my fabric hangers, so today I wanted to show how truly simple they are to create!
With a handful of lovely fabrics and inexpensive plain jane hangers, you can create a perfectly, colorful
 "pretty-fied" {yes, that is a word!}happy space in your closet!


All you need for this D.I.Y. is plastic hangers, scraps of fabric / lace, and a hot glue gun.

First, cut your fabric into approximate 1" strips 
{this doesn't need to be perfect, you just don't want your pieces too thick, as they wrap easier when thin}

Next, apply the hot glue directly to the hanger, beginning at the top curve.

{I like to use multiple, short scraps around the top area, then longer strands at the bottom area.}

Continue applying hot glue, wrapping the hanger in small increments. Rinse and repeat!

If you're anywhere in the Nashville area, The Strawberry Patch and The Hayloft are not to be missed!

Especially in the fall! A weekend of barn sale shopping in the crisp, cool air is good for the soul!

 I'm definitely loving our laid back summer, but equally looking forward to the changing of the seasons. 

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