Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why I photograph my "perfect life"

First off, I do NOT have a perfect life! Quite honestly, some days are messy hard!
I wake up before the herd, the house is still quiet; sip my coffee, which the best husband made.
 One by one, sleepy kids stroll downstairs sweetly, then it's all downhill from there.
Sister doesn't want eggs, almost a half gallon of milk spilled, "brother is sitting too close to me"
A headache strikes and you want to go back to bed for the entire day! 
but the day must go on. 

After the breakfast mess is clear, and husband out the door, I long for the lovely, the best things.
  Little Brother wants to read, so we head to his favorite spot.
As he arranges his buddies, smiles his dimpled grin, he snuggles close.
 This time nourishes my heart.  I quickly capture it with a photo. 

As I listen to him read, I breathe deep; all five of my boys have accomplished this childhood milestone.
I recall to mind the hard days of four boys ages five and under, three in diapers. The days I just survived. 
Those days have transitioned into an overflowing home full of books, lego's, and loud drum sets {plural}

During those "routine days" of life when my guys were little, I photographed what felt like the mundane.
Silly boys just being silly!
 Those photographs are treasures to my heart today!
Treasures of encouragement; reminders of lovely days; even the loveliness that I overlooked.
Looking at those photographs today, my heart is bursting!
Bursting with the gratefulness for the reminders of my beautiful, abundantly blessed life!

Some days are tough, I mean tooth and nail tough.
A photograph captures beauty, even in the midst of chaos.
 I never want to overlook the beautiful surrounding me, each and every day!
Often times that beauty is in the midst of a beautiful mess.

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