Friday, August 19, 2016

End of the Year Portfolio {a Homeschool D.I.Y.}

Earlier this year, while listening to a podcast from Sarah McKenzie, my heart jumped at one of her inspirational ideas to create an end of the year portfolio. 
This was one of those "I wish I'd been doing this for the past ten years!" moments.
 It's never too late to start though, right?! Right!!

These portfolio's aren't anything fancy, just personal, which is exactly what I wanted! 
I made mine similar to Sarah's, which you can read all about on her blog, Amongst Lovely Things.

I chose to include artwork, a narration sample, book/poetry list, along with photo's of special moments from the year. I absolutely loved asking what each child's highlights of the year were;
Which photo they wanted to use.

Compiling these folders encouraged my heart tremendously! Revisiting the moments from the year truly allowed me to conceptualize the beauty we had in our days.

 I decided to give each child their portfolio from last year, on our first official day back this year.

I hope these portfolio's are as much of an encouragement to my children as they are to me.

  What an encouraging reminder to them of their personal efforts; the work they have to show for their efforts!
 Highlights of my child's life captured ... priceless.  


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