Thursday, August 25, 2016

Truth for my Child

Our first official week of the 2016/17 school year is almost complete.
This week we gently eased back into school mode.
 I held a loose idea of what our days would look like, and we certainly had struggles,but the Father planned for something lovely.

Earlier this week, I lay tossing and turning, not over curriculum, but with a strong stirring upon my heart.
 A stirring of what truly matters most in our day to day.

My heart begin to well up with the enormity of the daily opportunity I've been given as a mom
to speak life over my children. To declare the {{truth}}over them.
Truth that they might often not believe. 
Truth that they the world has lied to them about.
Truth of who they are; not based on actions, but the child the Father has redeemed them as.

I awoke the next morning, penning the words the Father told me.

"The Father wants you to know that you are righteous, not b/c of actions, but simply b/c you believe.
You are His child; His son, His daughter.
You are royalty, seated next to your High King.
You have the complete inheritance as His child.
You can never disinherit all that the Father has given you. You are not in lack.
You're Father has provided and will continually, abundantly provide more than you can imagine!

You are unconditionally loved, no matter what you do, or how much you mess up.
You are NOT a disappointment.
His arms are continually open toward you.
When you feel distance, turn around, you'll see His face, that He's never far from you.
He will never leave, never turn aside.
He is always perusing you, always longing for you. 

He is your Shepherd.
When you fall, when you're wounded and cannot walk,
He will carry you. Carry you close to heart, so you hear His heartbeat toward you.
Your falling does not anger Him. You are His sheep, You know His voice.
He leads to the lushest meadow, the finest, purest waters.
He fills you with goodness; His supply never runs low.
He stands as a guard, fiercely protecting you .
He is your Defender, Your shield, Your Guard.

You are pleasing! 
Not b/c of how you act, how you look, or what you say.
You are His and He delights in you!
When your Father looks at you, He sees you through the finished work of Jesus.
You are clean and spotless b/c of His priceless blood which paid for your righteousness.
He loves you when you are unlovable. 
He is your Father, standing with open arms, welcoming His son.
He's prepared a wondrous feast, full of all your favorites.
He's put the finest clothes on your back.
All of His kingdom is yours, simply b/c you.are.His.own." 

Morning Time in our home has taken a lovely turn!

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