Friday, November 18, 2016

"this day"

The sycamore trees are shedding their leaves and the maple trees are dressed in vibrant color.
It's technically fall here in the south, though unseasonably warm days beg to differ.
I certainly am.not.complaining!
Thanksgiving is in less than a week and my heart is abundantly full.
I'm soaking in the striking beauty of colorful weekend strolls, and the everyday comforts of days
shared with the ones I love dearly.

Currently, the kids and I spend as much time outdoors as we can, but when the evening cools,
I enjoy snuggling beneath a cozy blanket with a good book.
I haven't always had the time to enjoy this leisure, however I've found during this season of feeding the souls of my children through excellent literature, the desire to feed my soul alongside them grows as well.

Currently I'm reading through this, this or this book
 this, this, this, and this book are all on my amazon wish list.
Anyone want to start a book club?!

Fall decor is beautifully simple using outdoor elements;
 tree stumps, collected pine cones and branches,
A few purchased cotton stems finish off the woodsy texture.
My current scent of the season is orange ginger hand soap,
and my everyday essentials include vanilla lime lip moisturizer, as well as YL Thieves.

  While fall is the season of layered clothing, warm drinks, and the external beauty on our doorstep,
 my heart is warmed by the beauty of motherhood and friendship.
My husband, our children, are a gift. This day is a gift.
Being mom and wife to these beautiful people in my life, at times can feel overwhelming.
I stagger under the weight of all I feel demands my utmost importance, a weight I'm not meant to carry.

 I can work to the point of exhaustion and still feel lacking. There will always be more....

But when I choose to lay all those expectations, internal and external, at His feet, 
my heart realigns to His plan, for this day.
I'm abundantly thankful for His indwelling Spirit which daily leads me into truth,
rest-filled direction.
I am thankful that He is continually faithful, and because of His abundant grace,
He will yield far more than I could every yield on my own efforts.

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