Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas reflections for a New Year

                          Last Christmas season life felt a bit slower. Each day planned and purposeful,
whether it was a day full of baking or a leisurely late night drive.
This year however, I found myself longing to replicate those moments.
 Christmas shopping dates with my hubby, warm drink in my hand, and pressure far from me.
Yet, that didn't happen.
At least I thought it didn't. Honestly, it just didn't look exactly like last year. 
As comparison nagged at my emotions, I struggled to feel that this Christmas somehow was "lacking"...
Didn't measure up.
 Didn't feel like it should, which obviously meant something was wrong.

In the silence, the Father began to reveal that I honestly was longing for an experience. Last years experience
The past. Familiarity. 

The same longing that crowds of multitudes and even His own followers looked for, 
miracles to be duplicated.
In all honesty, Nothing,    absolutely nothing was wrong with this Christmas!

What a silly stupid lie!

 A scheme of the enemy to minimize the current beauty of the Father's workings in our life!

The plans we had this year were the plans for this year.
Finishing up our kitchen remodel; chauffeuring teens here and there; 
Opening our home to family and friends that He led to our doorstep.
Date nights on the town exchanged with late night, side by side, online shopping.

In the same way, many missed the Messiah's birth because they misunderstood, 
awaiting for their King to come in the manner their minds accepted.

 I don't want to miss His heartbeat because it looked different last year.
I never want to miss the beauty while longing for the familiar.
 Personally, I prefer simplicity, but I never want to idealize or idolize what Christmas should look like.
 I continually want to walk in step with His movement, day by day. Mindful of what He lays before me.

 Not distracted from what's in front of me, by looking at what was behind.

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