Friday, November 5, 2010

new and fresh

The beginning of the year, I began with a peace, though I felt a change of wind in my heart.

Now the seasons have come and gone and as I reflect, this year has been downright hard. 

Our family has experienced loss. Our hearts are fragile. We've packed our home.

 In the midst of our beautifully brokeness, we're breathing. We're holding on. 
Sometimes life easily becomes a blur of survival; I feebly attempt to manage a full house  
lovingly, creatively, passionately, with purpose.

Days pass, good intentions fall to the wayside.  

Yet life is so much bigger than my daily shortcomings. 

The Spirit whispers that "He's carrying when I can't take another step."  Life is a long haul, one to be lived with vision. A vision that only He can give. 
Training my children, forming relationship doesn't happen overnight. 
Neither do my inadequacies erase all that the Father has purposed, in their lives or in mine.

                     "Let me hear of your unfailing love every morning, for I trust in you" ~ Psalm 143:8


"The old things are done away with; behold all things have become new" ~ II Corinthians 5:17
                         Today is new.  Life is good not because I am good...but because He is good!

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