Monday, February 8, 2016


{"I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in the truth" ~ 3 John 1:4}

God created my children for His  purposes.
They are distinctly created with gifts and passions. Passions that often times I misjudge as character flaws.
Of course, there certainly are habits like thinking of others, cultivating thoughtfulness, etc.. that I try to be intentional with.

My deep heart's desire is to lead them to the source of truth.
To abide in constant relationship with The Father; to hear his heartbeat, His voice, His Spirit.

 One of my greatest desires is for my kids to know that I'm on their side, that I'm for them!
 When I look deeply in their eyes, greet them happily in the morning, make big deals over the things that are a big deal to them, actively listen, cheer them on, truly try to see life through their eyes

... all these desires that I'm pouring out on them, are but a snippet of the true nature of the Father's heart toward them. 

Yes, those desires to train them and guide them will still be there...but they aren't guiding my days.
When I see character flaws, they aren't overwhelming my spirit. They aren't burdens on my back.
When my mind is reminded of this, I abide in rest. My soul is at rest.
My eyes see the beauty. My heart embraces their passions. I rest because they're in the Fathers hands.

  He loves them so so abundantly!! He is for them!! He longs to lead them into all truth!

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Monarch Room said...

This is beautifully said, and all so very true :) It sure takes a whole lot of pressure off of us if we know we are really only a small part of the whole love that God has for them. Thank you for sharing!